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Muratec MW Series

These are all important features that describe the MW Series automated turning machines. Muratec’s MW machines have become the backbone of automotive parts supplier’s production lines, and can be found in hundreds of job shops across North America. More automotive parts are turned on Muratec MW Series machines than any other lathe platform available.

With a robust and reliable design, ease of use, and adaptability, the MW machines have added flexibility to allow for running low, or high-volume production quantities in various processing configurations with both spindles. The series also includes the revolutionary EX models which leverages Murata Machinery’s extensive experience with in-line gauging and peripheral devices to achieve unmatched precision for finishing operations.

As one of the most versatile series in the Muratec line-up, discover how the MW automated turning machines can help you manufacture high-quality parts more profitably than ever before.

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