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DN Solutions PUMA TT Series

The PUMA TT is a horizontal turning center designed and built for the fast and mass production of high precision automotive or medical parts. Featuring live tooling, a Y-axis and a built-in sub-spindle TT machines deliver an impressive simultaneous machining solution.

Productivity doubled with the adoption of a right spindle and a lower turret!
– The left and right spindles and the upper and lower turrets are able to operate independently to double productivity.
– Various sizes from Ф42mm~Ф81mm (bar capacity).
– Upper and lower turrets with Y axis. (PUMA TT1300/2100SYY)

Excellent rigidity and power combined with a rapid axis travel system!
– The machines’ rapid traverse rates of 40 m/min.
– High rigidity roller LM guideways.

Equipped with an advanced finished-part removal system for both spindles.
– The left and right spindles are equipped with independent parts catcher and unloader systems.
– Fully automated manufacturing system.

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