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DN Solutions DNM 5AX Series

If you are looking for an entry into 5-axis machining, there is simply no better choice than the DNM 5AX Series. Compact, productive and built off of the classic DNM architecture.

The first time you machine complex parts in a single setup, you never go back. That’s because the time, money and operator error you save instantly changes the way your shop does business. Sporting high rigidity roller guides for all axes, the DNM 5AX will take you where you want to go.

Right out of the box, the DNM 5AX has a built-in 5-axis trunnion table. Select your rotary table diameter (either 200mm or 350mm) and enjoy maximized productivity. By designing the machine around the trunnion table, your machining area is maximized and any dead space is minimized.

There are currently over 30,000 DNM Series installed all over the world. The reliable vertical machining centers use their versatility and technical prowess to change shops for the better, and that’s the foundation you get in the DNM 5AX Series. Nothing but tried and true productivity.

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