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Advanced Machine & Engineering

Advanced Machine & Engineering® (AME) was founded in 1966 out of Rockford, Illinois by Willy Goellner—a man of drive and determination who immigrated to America from Germany in 1958. Originally known as Advanced Engineering Co., AME offered design, engineering, and consulting to industries including machine tool, assembly, and packaging out of a small 1,000 square foot office space in Loves Park, Illinois. Relocating to Rockford, Illinois in 1968 expanded the AME footprint to 33,371 square feet, which included a new R&D facility. Shortly thereafter, in 1970, the company was incorporated to increase efficiency in service and guarantee future growth.

Tool Holding

Tool Clamping Solutions

Trust the factory trained experts at AME as the single source for concept, design, and service, of machine tool clamping systems and precision spindle shafts.

Minimize downtime costs with speedy repairs and a large spare parts inventory. Hassle-free troubleshooting, diagnostics, and repair for tool retention problems.

  • Precision Spindle Shafts
  • Tool Clamping Service & Repair
  • Custom Tooling & Toolholders

Work Holding

Machining Fixtures

Manufactures, and tests complete fixturing packages for vertical, horizontal, and 5-axis milling. We work closely with the top brands in the industry to provide the ideal workholding system for your application.

  • Workholding Foundations
    Tombstones, sub-plates, grid plates, & 4th axis trunnion tables and rotary tables
  • Workholding Systems
    Modular workpiece clamping systems, vises, vacuum fixtures & magnetic fixtures
  • Fixturing Components
    Locators, spacers, spring supports, v-blocks & clamping assemblies
  • Custom Fixture Design & Build
    Automated hydraulic fixtures, pneumatic fixtures, & manual dedicated fixtures


Rod Locks & Press Safety

  • Custom rod locks and press safety solutions for any application
  • Power-off clamping
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic options
  • AME engineers able to choose and integrate the right technology

Carbide Saw Systems

With engineering and manufacturing in the USA and Germany, AMSAW® serves the global market with high production, cost efficient sawing solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous cutting.

AMSAW® offers expertise in designing and building standard and custom carbide sawing solutions for any cutting application. Work with AMSAW® engineers to find the right automatic cold saw.

  • AMSAW Production Saw Systems
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Carbide Saw Blade Manufacturing & Repair