Fresh Install: New Vision Industries receives new 5-Axis Machining Center!

Aug 28, 2020

It’s a beautiful day to unload some new equipment. New Vision Industries CEO looks on as the company receives their new DN Solutions DVF 8000, 5-Axis Machine Center. This machine is the first of it’s kind in the territory and is sure to make an impact on New Vision’s capabilities.

The DVF 8000 is full of features and bolsters some meaty specs! The fully integrated 800mm rotary table allows for more workpiece weight and reduced table deformation. It is automation ready, and packed into a small footprint, as small as 161” x 116”. The DVF 8000 has roller LM guideways and oversized ballscrews which improves the accuracy and repeatability to the work you do. The 18,000 r/min built-in spindle is powered by a 29.5 hp motor— standard in the DVF 8000. And finally it comes standard with a 60-tool magazine, but you can option it all the way up to 120 tools!

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NEW VISION INDUSTRIES, INC. is a quality American manufacturing company located in the Southern Tier of Upstate New York. They specialize in precision CNC machining, tool and model services, fabrication, welding and mechanical system assembly.

Their capabilities include production parts, assemblies, weldments, systems and engineering prototypes across a wide range of high-tech industries. They serve all of North America as well as customers abroad. They’re committed to excellence in metalworking with a focus on long term customer relationships.

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