FRESH INSTALL: A New Doosan HM 1250 at Ross Valve

May 24, 2021

Syracuse Supply delivers A new DN Solutions HM 1250 to Ross Valve in Troy, NY!

The DN Solutions HM 1250 is a Large Horizontal Machining Center designed for large workpieces requiring heavy duty cutting performance, the HM1000/1250/1250W offer the solution for various requirements.

This HM 1250 is horizontal beast that brings the value… with a 6,000 RPM spindle, close to 2,590 ft-lbs of torque and plenty of pallet size to spare with DN Solutions’s HM Series. Although the term “heavy duty” is thrown around a lot in this industry, it really doesn’t get much more heavy duty than the HM series. The gear-driven spindle eats heavier cutting requirements for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Ross Valve Logo
Ross Valve Logo

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