Elite Turning & Machining Sees Business Boom With Doosan

Jan 28, 2021

Elite Turning & Machining began in 2012 with just a single CNC lathe in a rented office on the northwest side of Rochester, New York. Just three years later, the company had grown to six machines and moved to a new 15,000 square-foot facility. They now employ over 20 employees using more than 30 CNC machines. The business continues to experience rapid growth as new customers in the area discover their ability to provide the fastest possible turnaround for every order without sacrificing an iota of quality.

With a reputation like that, you might think that DN Solutions machine tools would be key to their success story. You would be absolutely right.

Making Bank with DN Solutions

Even as they opened the doors of the larger shop, founders Paul Pettrone and Anthony Thomas knew their small group of six machines was not going to be able to handle the increasing workload. They heard good things about the DN Solutions brand from a friend of theirs in a local shop. After a quick introduction to Kevin Conway at Syracuse Supply, a Lynx 2100LSYA and a standard 2-axis Lynx 2100 were on their way. “Very shortly after their arrival, we started moving jobs over to the DN Solutionss to decrease cycle times,” Thomas said. “Not only did their faster rapids make that happen, the additional power allowed us to take heavier cuts as well.” The sub-spindle also made them more productive, keeping operations limited to one machine.

According to Conway, “Elite Turning & Machining just keeps growing like crazy. In this part of the country, they are known as a go-to shop for high quality work.” The company serves a wide variety of customers in industries as diverse as automotive, marine, oil and gas, medical and even piano parts. Materials machined in the shop range from aluminum to 316 stainless.

Pettrone and Thomas attribute their high level of success to investing in inspection equipment, an amazing Quality Control Team, staying up on the latest tooling and having DN Solutions machines. Their current roster of DN Solutions machines includes three Lynx turning centers and four DNM vertical machining centers.

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